08 May 2009

friday fun finds : : week three

well here it is friday again and i can not believe it has been another week since my last blog entry. and i thought i was supposed to be getting better at blogging more frequently?! oh well, at least i am consistently inconsistent.
a rainy friday this morning but managed to hit a few sales. i found a really large pink basket, a large white bowl, a shiny tin and some old keys. that is it. kind of lame but the pickin's seemed slim today, or else i am just picky about what i bring home. regardless, it was a fun morning. i might skip next friday and feature instead what i find on saturday. i will be hitting a fantastic neighborhood sale that i never miss...i go ever year with my dear friend Joan and we find all kinds of fabulous things.
and how lame am i ??!! i still have not posted photos from my fun day, with mom, at sparks last weekend. we had a great time. did not buy lots of things, but took many photos and will share them with you here sometime this weekend (in between a birthday party, soccer, baseball and MY DAY on sunday!) i promise to get them out here this weekend....so please check back.

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