12 May 2009

mother's day road trip

i made this invitation for my mom announcing our trip to the flea market in Sparks, KS. the inside had all the when and where details.

a tiny town and so full of junk! we had such a fun day and the weather was just beautiful. neither one of us brought home that much stuff, my husband says 'that's a good thing'.

booths set up in fields and even in some of the run down little houses. what a charming little place for a flea market. vendors were also there selling funnel cakes, kettle corn, corn dogs, all that yummy and oh so bad for you food. it really added to the atmosphere and a funnel cake every now and then is ok in my book!

tons and tons of stuff just packed in everywhere. if you like to dig and hunt this is one sale you will want to attend. they have it a couple times a year. google 'sparks flea market' and you can get all the details.

this was my favorite booth. filled, jammed pack with game pieces, old vintage playing cards and letters. i could have easily spent all day here digging.

letters and numbers..... drool!!!

i selected only a few playing cards. i have a cute idea to re purpose these for a little something for my june sale.
this mirror has since received a dry brush coat of white paint and will be for sale in the june sale. the butcher paper cutter.....all mine! i have been looking for one of these for a long time. you know, to sit on the counter of that store i don't have. so for now it sits on the work table in my studio. still need to get a roll of paper for it and am pondering painting the gold part of it black.
with two boys, there is not a lot of pink around my house. i fell in love with this old ford jeepster. she's pink, rusty and adorable.

she is right at home on the mantel. i would love to have a real one to use as my garage sale vehicle.

i was excited when i saw this sign. thought i would pick a bouquet to take home. once i got around the side of the sign i cracked up. the flowers were all artificial. it is all about the marketing is it not?!
: :
a fun day with my mom! in honor of all you hard working mom's, i hope your mother's day was a happy one!


Oliver's said...

I would have had a blast! Just that table with the numbers and letters would have been enough for me. Glad you scored some goodies for yourself. I love the pink jeep...wouldn't a real one be fun?

2redsmom said...

I love the invitation you made for your mom; I bet you made her feel so special. I'm curious to know more about this June show you keep talking about! Also, I'm wondering if I'll see you poking around my neighborhood garage sale tomorrow! I'll say "hi" if I see you!

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