14 May 2009

a hospital stay

seven years ago, today, i was lying in a hospital bed in saudi arabia. we were living there because of my husbands job. it ended up that i would be in the hospital for 4 days due to a major surgery. the nurses were fantastic, visits from friends and tons of flowers. 9 months prior to this hospital stay i was also in a hospital, undergoing IVF. so this 4 day stay after a major surgery (c-section) was a joyful stay because for the first time i got to meet this little guy.....

our son, whom we named maguire. his hair so white it sparkled and his blue eyes that everyone said would some day change to brown, he was such a beautiful baby. i could not believe that he was finally here. i thought i knew what love was, until i met him. *sigh*

i also remember feeling scared. scared that he didn't come with a manual! but just like making a tower out of blocks, we have taken life one block at a time. each stage just keeps getting better.

such a sweet boy with a great personality,

likes his dessert first,

has a little mischievous grin more often than not,
super cool,
very independent,and a crazy sense of humor.
and that hair and eyes? as blond and blue as ever! i am asked, daily, where does he get that hair? my husband and i both have dark hair and dark eyes, who would of thought and who cares?! HAPPY SEVENTH BIRTHDAY BABY!! i am thrilled to be your mommy, love to watch you grow into a young man, and am so proud of you!

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