07 May 2010

what is this?

i found this yesterday at an estate sale.
what is it?

with this cute little scoop is it for sugar or salt?

i am using it to hold my business cards. 
i love the floral detail on it.
cheers!  to the weekend!
leave me a comment if you know what this is.  thanks!


Joanne Kennedy said...

It's to hold sugar but I like your idea. I love seeing things used for different reasons then they are meant to be used.


9405018--Pat said...

Great find...I think it's for sugar...love it...have a great Mother Day....pat h

2redsmom said...

Hi Kathi!

I think it used for nuts. I know that sounds crazy, but just yesterday I saw a cute ceramic version of this at Nell Hill's. As I was checking out the price, the tag said it was a nut server. I personally would go with M&M's!

Anonymous said...

Its an antique sugar cellar.

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