12 January 2011

newspaper logs

 some time ago i found an old paper log roller at the thrift shop.
we have had so much fun recycling newspapers into these useful fire starter logs.
{don't worry dad, i'm not burning them in the fireplace}
we still have a shake shingle roof and my dad says its a sure ingredient for a fire because
of the embers this kind of paper would put off.

 so we burn them in our outdoor pit.
but when i'm not burning a real fire indoors, i like to have these resting in my fireplace.
i love the simple look of them.
and equally like that it's another way to teach the boys about recycling.

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Suzanne said...

Hi Kathi as if I just found my soul sister:) I love simple things, especially simple whites so I agree, those newspaper rolls look wonderful sitting in the basket. I am also a wannabe farmhouse owner...living at the beach:) Doesn't hurt to dream, right?
I peeked at the post below and those pies look delicious...and adorable! Is it difficult to make them like that? (i'm not great without directions in the kitchen:)
Anyway, have a great day and I'll see you around:)

The French Bear said...

Wow, what an impact, it is amazing what can look great.....there are so many whites to see, love the simplicity of the papers!
Margaret B

Polly said...

I've seen those log rollers before and have always passed them up.....but wow, these newspaper logs are really cool looking Kathi!!

I LOVE that you are teaching your kids about recycling! It is so important!!

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