25 January 2011

so what does it take...

to get a project done that i started two years ago?!
apparently a snow day.

 i made a quilt for my older son and have been wanting to make one for cooper too.
two years ago i cut apart all the pieces to his crib bedding.  the bumper pad,  dust ruffle, etc. and added a few extra fabrics too.
about a year ago all the squares were sewn together and it was supposed to be under the tree this year for him...ahem...didn't happen.
but last week, on a snow day, i unburied the sewing machine and finished this project up!

 at 10pm that night, while he lay sleeping, i covered him up with his new {and finally done!} quilt.
felt so good to tuck him in, know that he'd be warm on a cold winter night and to finally have that project finished. 
i am always so surprised that it never takes me very long to finish things.  but that's me, the starter not the finisher.  cest la vie.

we also loaded everyone up this past weekend and went sledding. 
so fun!
and our local news says that this is almost one of the worst winters on record?
not around this house hold.
hope you're staying warm!

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