05 January 2011

happy new year & wine wednesday

i am a wee bit late on wishing everyone a happy new year. 
we had a fantastic weekend in st. louis, so much fun!  more on that later {when i figure out how to get my photos off of my new digital camera...ahem}.

hope you all had a fantastic time ringing in the new year...i think i was actually in bed by 10:30.  yep, we party hard.

my favorite gift given and very well received this christmas was a wine bottle to mr. traybella.

i made a new label for it that read WINE WEDNESDAYS.
so from now until death do us part we will be having wine wednesdays.
just he and i.
after the kids go to bed.
no t.v.
no cell phone.
just chatting the night away.

of course we didn't need a designated night to drink wine.
but i am trying to be a better wife and we can't always get out on a date.
so we'll just stay right here in the comfort of our home.
with a winter fire going.
or pool side come summer.

wine wednesdays:  like it, love it. need it.
cheers!  to being a better balanced person this year!

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9405018--Pat said...

Wow good for you sound like a wonderful idea...Happy New Year!!!! Pat H

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