12 July 2011

boys and baseball

to me summer is not summer unless there is baseball.
and i love nothing more than spending some hot evenings watching MY boys play!

maguire had a great season and it was so fun watching him play first base.
and i don't know who had a bigger smile on his face when he got a home run this year,
but i bet it was his oh so proud mom!

cooper got in on the action this year too.
he is thrilled to have his own team after watching his brother play for so long.

maguire wrapped up his season last month.  cooper still has a couple of games left.
i find myself anxious for next spring to roll around so we can
PLAY BALL! some more.

1 comment:

Vonda said...

I have two boys ,grown now, and a grandson who played little league baseball and loved it. Hubby and I never missed a game for our sons and grandson..Your sons will always remember your support and love..keep up the good work, Bless you, Vonda

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