26 July 2011

i am not ready

school supply list:  purchased and labeled.
back to school clothes:  purchased, laundered and put away.
summer days:  not enough left!

we are having such a great summer. 
 it is africa hot here in the midwest, but we're making the best of it.
i am going to drag out these lazy summer days as long as i can.

school starts way too soon!
can we please have just one more MONTH of summer please?!

1 comment:

Catch some Zzzz's said...

I am not ready either. School shouldn't start till after Labor Day, don't ya think?! You are ahead of me with the school supplies! I have some purchased, they are not labeled or organized yet. Getting teenage boys to sit down for a minute to think through what they will need is challenging at best! Enjoy these dog days of summer!

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