19 July 2011

my bucket list

i love coffee.
i could seriously drink it all day.
but i don't.
one of the items, on my bucket list, is to own my own coffee shop.

i think about it almost daily, owning my own coffee shop.
i also think about how i will make it successful since i am not a morning person.
we're talking opening at 6:30am.  i haven't seen 6:30am in a loooong time.  
i am more of a night owl.  guess first things first is to change my ways. 

so in the meantime i am forever inspired by these photos:

all of these photos speak to me.
and in my head i have a design, for my own shop, that pulls all of these together.

my place would no doubt be small, chic, bohemian and of course comfy.

but do i really want a coffee shop of my own?
or do i just want to decorate one?
mr. traybella says "maybe you should work in one before you own one".
so rational he is.  but probably right!

what are you dreaming about today?

{all photos found via the web}


Annette's Bucket List Journey said...

Wow! What a great collection of photos. They inspire me & I don't even want a coffee shop!
Best of luck :)

Catch some Zzzz's said...


All I know is if you owned a coffee shop I would certainly want to come visit it and sit and sip on coffee!

And it cracks me up when I see you calling your husband "mr. traybella", love it!

When is your next Arch city visit??

Brooke :)

A Cottage Muse said...

I am dreaming about having my coffee in your shop right now!

Beautiful inspiration photos!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I think all of these are great. I hope your dream comes true.

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