11 August 2011

back to school

we're going, but we're kicking and screaming.
we have had such a great summer that my boys,
nor i, are ready for school to start.

sleeping in,
no schedules,
lots of playing outside,
just being...kids.

we drop off school supplies tonight,
meet the teacher,
and school starts on monday.

one last weekend, and you can bet
we're making the most out of it!


9405018--Pat said...

Where did summer go!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

When school starts it means the end of summer to me and they just keep starting earlier and earlier. All my kids are teachers so I guess it will continue to be so always for me.

Frizzy said...

I feel like we've been so busy all summer we need a vacation from our vacation. LOL

No it's been wonderful but I wouldn't complain about a few more quiet weeks. I'm so not ready for Nevaeh to start kinder.

Did you take the photo on this post? I LOVE IT!

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