03 August 2011

these slow summer days

we are really trying to just drag out these last few
 days of summer before school starts.

with weather being the hottest it has been in 25 years we have
 been spending most days enjoying our backyard cement pond.
oh yes, there has been lots and lots of swimming.

with a fifth birthday looming in the upcoming week there has
 also been some party planning.
so hard to believe that this little pirate will be 5 soon.
i am really trying to treasure these last few
days of having a four year old.
{pirate party pics will be posted after the 14th...stay tuned!}

once the weather cools down in the evenings
 (if you call 99 degrees a cool down!)
we have been practicing bike riding with no training wheels.
do they always have to ride so fast?!  i suppose so, just to keep his mommy's heart beating.

fresh berries make for a yummy COLD summer snack.

an abundance of tomatoes from the garden
make for some great BLT's.
the tiny ones never even make it to the kitchen.  nothing
 like a warm, fresh tomato popped into your mouth.
  if that doesn't scream summer i don't know what does.

too proud to call in a plumber, i knew i could tackle this
 home improvement project.
the drippy bathroom faucet.
long story short, we now have an entire new faucet,
and new plumbing underneath.
all installed by moi! 
8 trips to the hardware store, and several calls to dear 'ol dad
and i did it!

and finally....i am doing cartwheels because we finally have the ball rolling on the front porch project.
a few more hoops to jump through with the city
 before we can actually start.
fingers crossed, and hoping for pumpkins
 on my porch for halloween.

{this is just a sneak peek, i'll be sure to post before, during and of
course after photos as we go along}.

hope you are staying cool & enjoying the lazy hot days of summer.

i appreciate each and every one of you that
visit my blog.  from near and far, you make my day!
thanks for stopping by.

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