06 July 2008

4th of july garage sale find

i had to run a quick errand on the 4th of july. on the way i found a garage sale and with a little cash in my wallet, i had to stop. i'm so glad i did! the sale had lots of red and blue decor. i found this square piece of art for a mere 3 bucks. the flag is fabric and the tree, bird and saying at the bottom are all embroidered. (it has a made in china sticker on the back...so i know this wasn't hand made) but with the black frame it goes perfectly with my home decor. so when i got home i quickly threw this ensemble together on my front entry table. i just added the red candles, put the art piece on an easel and slung the festive fabric banner (for sale in my etsy store by the way... ;) over the mirror. this really only took 5 minutes and i love the simplicity of it.

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