05 July 2008

new look

same blog, just a different look.
i love constant change.
usually it's repainting a room, rearanging furniture, building something, or changing the decor of my house.
but this time changing of just the blog header wasn't doing it for me...i changed the background too. which then switched what was on the left over to the right.
and i usually use browns, creams and blacks. these colors are in my house, in my wardrobe and usually trickles over to my blog. but not this time. this time i picked the white background and did bright colors in the blog header.
i love color but have a hard time living with it for some reason. but i'll try this for awhile, it seems appropriate for summer, and when i get sick of it...which will probably be sooner than later, i'll just change it again.

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