31 July 2008

tray idea : : use a tray as a piece of art

as i was taking photos of the trays i had an a-ha moment. while propped up on an easel the tray appeared to be a piece of art. and since i'm also a freak for all things that resemble cubbies i thought it would be fun to add to the tray as if it were a shadow box.
so this example i placed 3 red apples with the tray. i love it! i love the splash of red with the black and white zebra print.
here is another example. this one has a glass bottle with a hydrangea bloom in it.
such a fun way to display a tray, and still have it easy access when you actually need to use it as a tray. this tray is for sale in my shop. i'll have to make another one for myself (keeping my fingers crossed that i can get my hands on another piece of that paper!) and if not, i'm sure i'll have another favorite within the next batch of trays i make.

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