01 July 2008

summer trays...coming soon

for those of you that actually view this blog to see trays....this one is for you. it does seem that i haven't posted about trays in awhile. it's obvious that i go through stages. i'll do a bunch of them and then take a break and then get inspired by some paper and turn out another batch. i tend to do lots of browns and tans and use papers that aren't really so bright. but i thought with it being summer that some of you might want a bright fun tray for a patio party or for your summer decor. so i've pulled these six papers that will soon be trays that will soon be available at my etsy store. i'll be sure and let you know when i've added them to the shop. so see, i do work! ;) thanks to those who check out my blog often and who have commented that i'm one of your favorites! it's a joy to be creative and to have others love it.

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