12 November 2008

another good sale

whew! i am finally coming up for air. what a weekend! although my sales were down from last year saturday was a fun day. i still sold quite a few trays but the best part was all the people that i met. so many people that follow my blog stopped by. also people that had seen me in the KC Star article stopped by. so many nice things were said about my trays, my set up, my blog, i could hardly take it all in. thank you to all of you that stopped by to just say hello and thank you to those that bought trays, for themselves and for gifts. AND a huge thanks to my parents and husband for helping with the boys, use of my moms truck and helping me load and set up. i could not have done it without you.

my set up was pretty much the same set up i used last year. mainly because i ran out of time to recreate something totally new. this set up also works. it allows me to get a bunch of trays out so that buyers have many choices to pick from.

i use a bunch of vintage suitcases because i love them and because they hold several trays. it also allows me to gain some height in my space. 10x10 just isn't very big.

the paper cones were a big hit and they looked pretty and festive in the wire rack that i used. this rack was a garage sale find over the summer. i was thrilled when i saw it and when i asked the price i gasped......$1 dollar please she said. yippee! ;)

another angle of all the trays i had out on display. my large gift tags usually sell like crazy. but this year....didn't sell one! all of the 'believe' garland sold and quickly. you just never know what is going to sell.

at the last minute on friday, prior to hauling everything up for set up, i decided to stencil the back of this box. this side of my booth was on an aisle and i thought what better way to advertise my booth than 'tray bella' in big letters. i used my computer and a font called 'steamer' to make my own stencil. i simply printed them out on copy paper, quickly cut them out with a craft knife and then using black paint stenciled them on the box. when dry i lightly sanded over it. love how it turned out.
a long, busy, fun, day. mike came up with the kids early in the day to see me. i was glad that he did so that he can see what i do is 'real'. he said he was impressed and proud....*swak* thanks honey! then when i came home, this was sitting at my curb! M had brought his wood chair out, and was selling some of his toys. a budding entrepreneur! i am so proud of him when he comes up with these ideas. but most proud that he had collect his items to sell and was selling them on ....... a tray! even a 6 year old can figure out a use for a tray. and if you've got a use for a tray you're in luck....i have one more sale coming up on dec. 2 & 3. hope to see you there!

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