03 November 2008


what a week last week was. i'm still making trays for the upcoming gift gallery so i've had some really late nights. i'm burning the candle at both ends, but that's how things operate around here. i did manage to get M his cowboy costume. in a previous post i mentioned that he became unraveled as a mummy and didn't want to be that anymore. so i found a cowboy costume that came complete with a vest, chaps, and a hat that was too small. luckily hats are plentiful at our house and we had another cowboy hat that fit him. i embellished his vest with fringe and we tied a rope onto his belt loop. cowboy boots at a bargain price at walmart completed the costume. here he is, at school, waiting for the parade to start. he looks like he's gushing at the girl that sits across from him. this photo cracks me up!

my motley crew trick or treating at daddy's office. yay! daddy finally made it out on my blog. ;) tons of candy and always a fun day at the office.

pizza for dinner and then they were off for more trick or treating. i can't believe how much candy they brought home. i've got to find a place, quickly! to donate this or else i'll be packing on those 15 pounds i've lost since june! the halloween decorations are still up and i need to get them down and enjoy the serenity that thankgiving brings. but before i can do that i have to get my trays done for the show. saturday will be here before i know it. i've also been working on some other fun smalls to have at the show. i'll photograph and post them soon.


Joanne Kennedy said...

Wow look at all that candy. Everyone had such great costumes so it's no wonder they got so much!

I have an award for you over on my blog so please stop by and get it when you get a chance.


Christine said...

Tell Maguire I'm coming by for a candy visit!!!


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