25 November 2008

THANKS :: giving :: 2

i am THANKful for a house that i can decorate for the holidays. i am THANKful that my house is a home and that it is filled with a loving family. because i am a freak for constant change, just about every year i put a different ribbon on my holiday wreath. this year, in my quest to continue to stay simple, i opted for a burlap ribbon. purchased by the yard and cut into strips. budget conscious, quick, easy, and mimics my simple lifestyle. with most wreaths being hung by a red ribbon, this is also a little bit unexpected, a little bit different, and most of all....me.

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Oliver's said...

I have never seen a wreath more simple and elegant at the same time. I think I am going to do this exact thing to mine this year. And to think I have been spending good money on fancy ribbon every year and am never really happy with it. This photo belongs in a Pottery Barn book. Great idea! Paula

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