06 November 2008

let there be trays and some fun paper crafts

i am finishing up the last batch of trays today. i just need to get the handles on a few of them, tag and price and they'll be done. whew, 87 trays! this will get me through the show this weekend and i'll be back in my studio on monday slaving away on more trays for the december show. yes, i am exhausted. but at my show on saturday i will, once again, be on a huge high as people buy my product. it still happily amazes me that i am able to create something that others find great joy in. i love when someone selects a tray for a friend, sister, ect. and knows that it will make the most perfect gift for them. i love to hear the story and love that my trays are going to good homes. because, yes, i get attached to each and every one. they are all my favorites! after all, i would never sell something that i didn't like myself. in addition to trays i have been busy also making some fun paper crafts. i love, love, love paper and like to have some smalls available at the shows for those that maybe don't want to buy a tray. so i created these beautiful paper cones. they are sold empty which allows you to fill them with sweets or even a small gift. they would also be so beautiful as place cards for a holiday table. just love them and will probably have to make more for myself!

these large gift tags have always been big sellers at my shows. they are simple but really look beautiful when tied onto a package. and who doesn't love getting a beautiful package?! i really like this easy display too. and as it has been sitting on my dining room table i have decided to use this as a centerpiece after the show. i thought we could write what we are thankful for on the tags and then read them at thanksgiving. easy, fun, meaningful and thrifty!

simple paper garlands that spell out b-e-l-i-e-v-e. each letter has been stitched on...i love sewing on paper! try it! these are fun to hang on your mantle or shelf, across a window or in your children's room to add a little holiday flare.

and because i think it is all about the packaging, i have packaged them up like this.

i have started setting up my booth in my garage as set up for the show is friday night. i've got to make sure that i have everything that i need. i even take photos of my set up in the garage, print them out and that becomes my planogram the night of set up. it really helps and it makes setting up so much quicker. this will be my last post until after the show on saturday. (unless i can squeeze in one with photos of my booth friday night). thanks to those that have sent good luck wishes my way for a successful show!


Romana said...

gorgeous "Believe" garland and i like the packaging too :) Great idea for the Christmas season!

Tinman said...

I like your ideas and your work looks great.
I have some budget Christmas ideas you and your friends may like to look at too.
Cheers and a Happy Christmas

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