08 February 2009

face lift for a garage sale find

i have had this cabinet for awhile......maybe two years. i scooped it up at a garage sale for 5 bucks. i always had intentions to paint it, but since it lived in the basement, i never got around to it. then at some point i did some rearranging and the cabinet ended up in my living room. even in the ugly state that it was, i still liked it. i guess because when i looked at it, i could see the potential. every time i looked at it i was reminded that it needed a face lift, but it was functional, so it just became a project on a long list. two weekends ago i finally tackled the cabinet. i am always so amazed at how little time and really takes to paint a cabinet. why did i wait so long to complete this project? one word explains it.....PROCRASTINATOR! here is the end result.....

i had recently found an old french paperback here and i tore it up and used it on the back of the cabinet. i love how it turned out. a fresh coat of paint, some light staining, new hardware and it is finally done.

the top shelf has a few of my favorites...especially the ceramic crown. a subtle reminder that, with no girls in line behind me, i will forever be the queen of this household. ;) the middle shelf for my husband who likes his scotch on the rocks after a hard day at work. the bottom shelf for the boys, a basket filled with baseballs that we pick up for cents at garage sales. and behind the two doors on the bottom, baskets of toys for the boys.

it feels good to have this project crossed off my list. since i have painted this cabinet, i have spent the last two weeks completely cleaning and rearranging bedrooms. it is what happens when i clean....stuff just gets moved from one place to another. and wow does it feel good to have my house so clean. even the closets have been cleaned and we have several bags of donations going to local shelters this week.

here is the before photo of the cabinet in its ugly state. so next time you see something ugly at a garage sale, look for the potential in it. paint is inexpensive and it is a great way to update a piece. you will also be saving money, and the environment by recycling these pieces.

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