12 March 2009

every cowboy. . .

needs a place to hang his hat. in my youngest sons case, it is a place to hang his baseball hats.

on a recent stop at a thrift store, C pointed at something and said "i need that for my hats". i had no idea what he was pointing at. i let him out of the cart to show me what it was he thought he needed. he picked up a peg rack and again said "i need this for my hats". his hats do usually just get tossed somewhere and i had to agree that having a peg rack for his hats would be a great idea. so for one dollar, it was his. we came home found a spot in his room and he proudly hung all four of his, well loved, baseball hats. though he is too young to realize the reuse, recycle reason why mommy shops at thrift stores, i am proud that he found something that he liked and is proud of. equally proud am i that he is beginning to show some organizational skills. {smile}

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