11 March 2009

a tiny office nook

i recently did some rearranging and had used a small sofa table as a desk in my mudroom. i thought it was the perfect little spot to keep daily papers organized. after using it for a few days i realized that it wasn't that perfect. it was a smidgen to narrow, not allowing much space to actually write at. it also was not near an outlet so i could not have a lamp for task lighting. so on a trip to good juju last month i spotted a cute little table. i quickly dismissed it because i was using the sofa table and it was working fine. but i could not stop thinking of this cute table. good juju is open only the first weekend of every month. so for the whole month i thought about this cute table that i had seen. AND when they opened this past weekend, i was there when they opened and the table was still there. i was so excited and chalked it up as 'meant to be'.

with a little more rearranging i now have this tiny office nook (still in my mudroom). it is now by an outlet, so i am able to have a lamp on it. it also is the perfect width to actually house some organizing bins and still have room to write. i love, love, love it. funny how having this tiny space has made daily tasks a little more fun to complete.


2redsmom said...

Kathy~I love your cozy little desk area. I would actually look forward to sitting down and writing a grocery list there! I have a built in desk area that needs a little personalization. After seeing your space, fixing mine up has zoomed to the top of my "to do" list. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. K said...

Kathy~ I am a lurker but I love your blog (and I drool over your kitchen island on a weekly basis)

Could you pretty please with sugar on top tell us where you got that calendar above your desk? I simply LOVE it!

Lauri said...

Hi Kathi - I thought I'd check in to see what you've been up to!! I love your new trays for spring! And, of course, I love your cozy little nook! I think it is a great idea to create a coffee table book of photos of your mantel arrangements - I have an old white frame like yours...hmmm - I think I might have to do some rearranging of my mantel... Talk to you soon! Lauri

Gretchen said...

Kathi, I bought your red and gold striped chair at the yard sale? remember? its changed my life, it fits in with the colors of my home and has been moved to different rooms 3 times! I even changed my dining chairs to go with your chair! i wanted to thank you for giving me my passion back! I lost my mom almost 3 years ago, and my passion too. Thanks to your "baby",I have my passion for doing interior design again!I am looking forward to your next yard sale! Can't wait!

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