10 March 2009

rainy days and mondays

it was a rainy monday here in kansas city. every time it rains and it is a monday i am reminded of that song by the carpenter's. but rainy days nor mondays get me down, i use them to get some projects done.

i have had these old, i call them fishing stools, in my stash for awhile. i failed to take a before photo so here they are in their after. scrap zebra fabric left over from redoing some chairs, a staple gun and 6 minutes to do each one. when projects are this simple, it makes me wonder why i put them off for so long. these two beauties will actually be for sale in the upcoming "Friends of a Feather" sale in june. for the past two years i have joined a creative bunch and held a fabulous artist/junker sale. this year we are taking it up a notch with more vendors, a huge tent filled with so many lovely things and even more marketing. if you are in the kansas city area, this is one sale you will not want to miss. more details on it later. so it is tuesday, and it is raining.....what project will i work on today?!

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