27 March 2009

we took a little trip

i took the boys to Branson, Missouri over spring break. we loaded up the volvo wagon, armed with the DVD player, snacks, drinks and a map and headed out. the 3.5-4 hour trip took us a little over 5 hours. without daddy, i was able to stop at any and all the flea markets on the way that i wanted to. a couple bathroom/stretch breaks were thrown in too. we rented a cute little condo and the boys thought the best part about it was the small t.v. in the bedroom. so every morning we had breakfast (lucky charm cereal) in bed and watched cartoons. it was nice that those few minutes in the morning was the only t.v. time we had.

we had a picnic lunch on the river. the boys spent a good couple of hours afterwards throwing rocks into the river. it was probably 80 degrees that day...just beautiful.

M found this rock that looked like a heart.

the boys got along so well. i was so proud of them.

down at the Landing we found this really cool store....Ridemakerz. it's like build a bear, but you build a car. upgrades can be made over the internet. M had a blast picking the body of his car as well as the wheels, stickers, etc. then he had to actually put it all together. a fun souvenir!

an afternoon playing putt putt golf.

for not even being 3 yet, C was pretty good and did not hold us up at all. he yelled "whoo hoo" every time he got his ball in the hole.

this photo was taken at a place we had dinner at. we actually had dessert (ice-cream) first that night, and then had pizza. the boys thought this huge banjo was pretty cool.

C was hesitant to get into the pool at first. but then i couldn't get him out.

this indoor pool was one of the reasons we picked this condo.
all in all it was a great few days and something fun to do. now that we are back, C keeps saying (when he wakes up in the mornings) "it's vacation day, time to go to the condo!" needless to say, he enjoys taking little trips.


Doe said...

awwww....I need a copy of the picture by the lake!! :)

Heather said...

Looks like fun! I'm surprised we didn't bump into you guys... we were there for part of spring break too! We stayed at Westgate Branson Lakes condos... right on Table Rock Lake. Where were you?That pic of the boys next to the water looks like Lake Taneycomo! We fished there... did you check out the hatchery? I will definately have to take JP to that ridemaker store. We missed that at the landing and he would LOVE it!

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