13 December 2009

christmas packages

beautifully wrapped packages are one of my favorite things. i love to give them and i love to get them. i usually match our christmas wrapping with the color scheme of my christmas decorating. this year i went with my favorite craft paper in white and brown, some pretty cream ribbon....nothing too pretty, we do have all boys in this household, and because i have been a little crazy with numbers this year...number name tags.

the numbers correspond with the order of the family. mr. tray bella is #1, i am #2, M is #3 and C is #4. i wrote on the back who each gift was from. these are the family packages that get opened on christmas eve. santa's gifts are wrapped in bright papers and more child like.

if you have a unique way of wrapping your christmas gifts i would love to hear about it!


paperhill said...

i love your packaging! so fun and pretty (don't tell the boys i said that!)

Ann On and On... said...

Love this idea! Elegant and très chic

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