19 December 2009

a late night

i was up late thursday night...with 28 men.
all of them were happy to be hanging out in my kitchen. they all had big smiles on their faces, and little did they know what there fate was for friday.
on friday, they headed to the second grade christmas party.

i signed up for treats for the school party and all M wanted me to make were gingerbread cookies...with my giant cookie cutter! which required 4 batches of this yummy dough because i could only get 7 XL's out of each batch.
when i asked him if i could use one of my smaller gingerbread cutters, i could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't going to say yes. but i didn't know that when asked he would actually say "it just doesn't have the WOW factor" {ahem} i wonder where he got that??! ;)

so up late i stayed. With each pan out of the oven i added more men to my late night party, and fullfilled my 7 year olds request. when he saw all of the XL cookies in the morning, and a smile as big as these gingerbreads filled his face... it was so worth the lack of sleep. aaahhh, the things we do for our little ones.
this is a really yummy recipe. no molasses, and has butterscotch pudding in it. i found the recipe here.


Oliver's said...

I love gingerbread men! These look so yummy I have to try that recipe it sounds so good, can't beat a sweet man and butterscotch!

Marci said...

Adorable cookies! Did you wrap them individually? I'm asking because I wrapped some sugar cookies in cellophane bags from Hobby Lobby awhile back and when I opened one later, the cellophane had a weird smell and I worried the smell got onto the cookies. Thought you might have a good idea for festively wrapping individual (or a few) cookies...

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