02 December 2009

weekend projects: completed

what a weekend. i am exhausted. between putting up the christmas decorations and revamping two, although small areas, has done me in. but WOW do i love the result! please, step into my entry....

this stone wallpaper really adds a warm cozy feel to the entry. my husband said "i feel like i am walking into a castle". i will take a comment like that any day from my husband....because if this is your castle, well then that must make me the queen! ;)

it looks really pretty with the wood floors...oooh i just love it. don't be afraid to commit to wallpaper. it really isn't that difficult to hang and it can make quite a statement.

the diamonds on the dining room wall are gone. and i really like the warm stone paint color. it is a pretty gray during the day, and at night it seems to change to a muddy browny, gray and it is beautiful.

the white legs on the dining table really seem to fit in better with the solid wall color. my collection of drawers have made their way to the wall to create little cubbies to hold small mementos.

i love the different finishes, colors and handles on them. i am on the hunt for one more, because i like things in odd number groupings. easy 'art' especially when you pick them up at garage sales or flea markets.

the shutters on the wall were a folding screen. i took off all the hinges and then just hung each piece on the wall. the clock hangs on a shutter for that layered look. if you are having trouble with decorating, try layering, i think it really adds something to the look. love the white shutters on the new paint color.

and ahhhhh. finally a new chandelier for the living room. my husband kept hitting his head on the old one, so i was on the hunt for a smaller one. i won this cute vintage french chandelier on ebay last week. it is so pretty in person, i absolutely love it.
up next: photos of my christmas decorations.


Lauri ~ Vintage Arts Studio said...

Ok Kathi...I saw you just a couple hours ago...and here you have your photos of your new look up on your blog already...however, it really is no surprise to me!! I am glad that I got to see it all in person ~ such inspiration! Keep it up girl! After I got home I had to start messing around again...just can't leave it alone... :) I can't wait to get my new chair home! Looking forward to seeing your Christmas photos!!

Oliver's said...

Simply stunning!!! Can't wait to see more!

9405018--Pat said...

Wow! you are one talented lady...thanks for sharing...Pat H

Polly said...

I love how you have hung these old drawers and added little mementos and accessories! I might just have to borrow this idea! Thanks for the inspiration!


janae said...

LOVE the drawers on the wall! GREAT idea! I have a free standing drawer that I decopaged vintage book pages onto the back of.

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