03 February 2010

another great book . . . another giveaway!

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good afternoon!

grab a cuppa something, this one might be a long one... but there is good stuff at the end... a giveaway!
last night i had the privilege of meeting Mary Lucas. she is the (accidental as she calls herself) author of Lunchmeat & Life Lessons. she was speaking at our local high school and i tagged along with a friend.
the book was originally published in 2006, so you may have heard of this lovely book, read about it in the local paper or maybe have a copy on your own bookshelf.
when Mary was done speaking, i wanted more. i could have listened to her speak all night! a couple of things that made a connection for me right off the bat were that 1) she is a local right here in kansas city, and 2) that i too am a daughter, and have learned some life lessons from my dad, which i will share with you....keep reading.

Mary is from a large family. For those of you that live in kansas city you may know of that family when you hear Bichelmeyer Meats. started by her father and still a family owned and ran business today. Lunchmeat & Life Lessons is a memoir and tribute to her father.
i stayed up late last night reading the book. i could not put it down. there are so many good lessons to take from this book...personally & professionally. i think this book should be read by everyone that is in a slump, think they are in a dead end job, raising children, or are in need of a large dose of inspiration.
her father had great wisdom. saying things like: be a person who makes something happen, if you don't like someone they don't like you, it's not the pursuit of happiness but the happiness of pursuit that inspires, celebrate every chance you get, inspire yourself.
as i finished the book this afternoon, i cried. i cried for her loss of such a fantastically wise man. and for her ability to become this 'accidental author' to teach us all, to make our lives a little bit better by teaching us what her father taught her.
so i started thinking about my own dad. i would say that my dad is a man of few words. but when he says something, you better listen. i would like to share here with you a few of the life lessons my dad has taught me. we all have our own list and i think we can all learn so much from each other.
lesson one: we spent many summer weekends at the lake water skiing. although i don't remember what age i was, i remember my dad telling me once "when it gets bumpy, hold on tight". i know he was referring to me crashing over bumpy waves, but still today i use this wisdom when i find myself in a 'bumpy' situation.

lesson two: "mess with the bull you're going to get the horns". dads way of saying 'be cautious'. i always remember this when i am in a situation treading on thin ice.

lesson 3: be on time. my dad is never on time...he's always early! an if you are meeting him at his house say at 8am.... he will be waiting in the driveway when you arrive promptly at 7:45 and make you question 'what time is it really? are we late?!". he is just always ready. a good lesson for everyone at every point in life.

lesson 4: "i am not the keeper". this was more of a wake up call but still a life lesson. i was probably 22 years old. i was out drinking with a roommate, ahem, on a weekday night. i locked the keys to my car in the trunk. at 1:30am i phoned my dad....hi dad, you're the only one with the extra set of car keys...can you help me out? always willing to help, he said sure! wow, just like that? sure?! just like that at 1:30am on a work night?! i was sure he'd be getting the coolest dad ever award. so i waited...and when i heard a horn honking, i looked up and it was him...driving at a pretty good clip.... he yelled 'kathi...i'm not the keeper anymore', threw my keys to me...and kept on driving. i got what i needed, the extra set of keys. i also got a wake up call. he didn't even yell at me up one side and down the other. he just made an impact...a life lesson. as i said above...he's a man of few words...but you better listen. ;)

still with me? need a refill? last life lesson then we'll get to something fun!
lesson 5: 'don't burn your bridges'. my dad has worked in the kansas city area, and in the same business (electrical) for his entire career. he knows a ton of people. growing up i always thought i had my butt covered (CYA), but it never failed my dad knew what i had done, or where i had been. he has 'eyes' all over the city because he knows so many people. as i entered corporate america the best advice he ever gave was 'don't burn your bridges'. you just never know when you might need to reference your past. good advice i still use today.

last night after her speech, when i was having Mary sign my books, she asked what part of the speech i liked best. i lost it. started crying because her speech touched me so much and reminded me of the lessons my own father, luckily still living, has taught me. she reminded me that i can still learn from my dad and every time i hear someone speak about this type of motivational stuff, it reminds me to not take things for granted.
i told Mary about my wee blog that i have and if i could have her permission to talk about her book and link to her sites.
not only did she agree...she gave me a signed copy of her book to giveaway!!
RULES for the giveaway:
* leave a comment here and i will enter you once, (non-reply comments cannot win, i need to have your email address to contact you)
* visit http://www.heartsweleavebehind.com/ and add a loved ones name and i will enter you twice! (just be sure to come back here and tell me that you did so).
the afterword in Mary's book, page 103
"Did this story bring back memories of someone special that you have loved and lost?
Someone who lives on in your heart?
Please take the opportunity to share your story by visiting: http://www.heartsweleavebehing.com/
this is such an amazing book...it's an easy read, only 119 pages. you can also find out more about the book by visiting http://www.lunchmeatandlifelessons.com/
Mary, thank you for the book for my giveaway, your speech and for the lessons you are passing on to all of us.
i'll take comments, for the giveaway, until saturday February 6th at 8:00pm. good luck!
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Neighbor of Old Leawood said...

Hi Kathi, thanks for providing more inspiration from your father. I hope that we will always remember those "gems of wisdom" whenever we need support, guidance or simply a good laugh. Julie

9405018--Pat said...

Beautiful post today...Pat H

Marci said...

Thanks for sharing the books that have inspired you lately! Btw, Bichelmeyer's does an awesome smoked turkey. Pop in and order it and a few days later it's done. Yum!

Mary B. Lucas said...
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Gretchen said...

Wonderful! I look up to my father daily. I read an old card he gave me in college recently about never giving up and to remember my talent. It got me motivated on working my creative side this dreary winter. Thanks for inspiring. Gretchen (growplanted.blogspot.com)

Mary's Google Group said...

Hi Kathi...


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing my Father's wisdom with all your followers and for your kind words about my presentation the other night. What a gift!

Most of all THANK YOU for sharing YOUR stories of YOUR Father and the incredible life lessons he taught you.

The next time you see him please give him that "Comeback Sauce" as well as a hug for me and count your blessings that you still CAN give him a hug.

I do have the memories of my Father and I cherish every one of them... oh but I so miss the hugs.

Again... my heartfelt thanks for your inspiration and kind words.


Mary Bichelmeyer Lucas

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