07 February 2010

symphony designer show house: part 1

Burlap JunKtion has a small space set up this weekend at the symphony designer show house. check out more photos HERE.
if you are in the kansas city area the show house, in its 'before' phase, is open today (sunday) until 5pm. 59th & ward parkway.


Anonymous said...

My Dearest Kathi, I looked too late to enter your contest, but I am going out to purchase this book this afternoon. Just reading your Dad's lessons made me mourn for my sweet Father........How appropriate I should read this..THIS week..Valentine week.
My Father (now long gone....) used to bring my Mother a HUGE beautiful Valentine Box full of chocolates each year. HE was such a romantic! After the BIG presentation, he would then handover a small box for my sister and I. He NEVER fogot...
That box, so beautifully wrapped and feminine was more important than any Christmas present Santa ever brought! When my Mother died, we found at least 6 of her favorites tucked away in her closet. At that time, my Father had been gone at least 10 years!
Such sweet memories!! Thanks for eliciting those. Your long time friend...Susan

Oliver's said...

Looks wonderful!

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