12 February 2010

bit and pieces : three

showing you a few more bits and pieces to the valentine soiree. i have a busy day in the kitchen today as well as getting the house cleaned and things set up.

if you are planning a soiree, do yourself a huge favor and plan, plan, plan. it makes the event so much more manageable. create a list, a week in advance, of the menu items you will be serving. do your shopping a few days before too.

start gathering pieces that you will use for displaying food or for decorations.

make what food you can the day before.

i even go as far as setting out the dishes i will use and marking, with sticky notes, what goes where. this will save you lots of time digging around on the day of your event.
i will post more photos on sunday or monday of the event. some of you have asked for the menu and recipes as well. i will get these out here next week too.
cheers! to a great weekend!


9405018--Pat said...

have fun....Pat H

Crystal said...

Sounds like everything is coming along well for your Soiree. I pray all goes well.
I can't wait to see your final photos and see your menu.
Have a great weekend.

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