26 February 2010

thrift store find and an accidental great idea

i have garage sale fever bad. with all of the cold weather we've been having it feels like spring and garage sales signs popping up everywhere will never get here. thank goodness for the thrift stores.
i hit one yesterday and found this lazy susan for 2 bucks. i love that it is a beautiful wood.

i tried it on my dining room table and other places throughout the house. but it finally landed here in my kitchen. it holds items that i use daily.

mind you this is not a very big piece, but by bringing it into the kitchen it caused me to switch everything else on the counters around. does that happen to you? i was kind of excited about it, because i was getting tired of what i had out and around in the kitchen anyway. specifically what i had above my cook top. i love that i have the ledge, mantel, shelf what ever you call it. i usually have it filled with all different home decor items based on the seasons. but with my new lazy susan loaded up i wanted to keep the ledge simple.

i ended up finding these wood bowls in a stash i have. i have always loved them, just never could really find a place for them . . . until now! i love them on the ledge. so simple. almost primitive looking. they are exactly the look i was going for.

also in the switcharoo this lamp got moved. i leave this lamp on day and night. i know, it's not very 'green' of me to do that. but i like how it lights up a dark little corner during the day and at night, if someone gets up, it provides a soft light without having to turn on all the others. and now . . . it actually has a new purpose.

you see, this little light actually puts off some heat. i have to watch which cabinet i place it under for that reason. i never like it under my spice cabinet because i just think that the heat probably isn't good for the spices. but it is perfect for under the cabinet that holds my coffee cups! i have moved the cups to the bottom, directly on the heated shelf, and they are actually warm!

how about that?! already warmed up cups for my morning latte.

i just love accidental great ideas! do you have any accidental great ideas that you would like to share? i bet you do! i would love to hear them! just add them to my comments . . . lurkers welcome!



Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Good Morning!
I know what you mean about garage sale fever....I am goin nuts! All your pictures look beautiful.
Hope your day is great!

Anne Marie said...

i just sold my wooden lazy susan for $8 ;) and now wish I didn't!! lol

i really like your wooden bowls displayed like that -

and once again; love seeing you at the farm!

thanks for visiting

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