15 July 2010

dreaming : with my eyes open

i am a day dreamer.  always have been.  there are many nights i lay awake pondering my day dream. 
i have had lots of dreams, which makes mr. traybella a bit crazy.
at one time or another i wanted:
a cupcake bakery.
a coffee shop.
open a b&b in the greek islands.
a home decor shop.
but it's a good thing i woke up from all those dreams, because if i didn't, there wouldn't be any room for my new dream!

i started this dream on our way back from our florida vacation.  we were in tennesee, so so beautiful, and this dream just popped into my head.  i have actually had this dream before.  the dream of having my own barn.  but this dream had all the finishing touches to it.  AND this dream could actually make me some money, which gets mr. traybella attention for a few seconds. 

this barn is beautiful, but i would paint it white.

the inside is so unbelievable.

i've got the boys on board by promising them a movie theatre in the barn and

some extra fun things like slides and zip lines.
i even have a name for this dream of mine.  but i won't tell it yet. 
it's a dream that will have to wait awhile to come true.
some more tweaking.
a business plan.
and of course getting mr. traybella on board!

so tell me, what dream keeps you up at night?

{all photos by me}


mimi charmante said...

I dream of barns all of the time! I have one but she is in desperate need of some serious TLC...
Have a marvelous weekend!

Creative Ambitions said...

Love your barn dream and happy that Tennessee gave you some inspiration! :) Hope your dream(s) come true!!

Linda N said...

Fantastic barns! You've got me curious as to your dream for barns. We did enjoy talking about businesses in Greece, including internet cafes, which were few and far between back then.

Mr. Traybella said...

Hon, you forgot a few dreams:
at home daycare operator
junk collector (i.e. She-Haul)
interior designer/decorator
wallpaper hanger
home stager
real estate agent
house flipper
cafe' owner/operator

I love all your dreams hon and dream of the day you hit it big and Mr. Traybella can re-learn how to play golf again.

Love, Mr. Traybella

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