20 July 2010

early bird gets the good stuff

we had to get up early this morning.
mr. traybella had to take his car to the fix it shop and then we had to take him into work.
sales on tuesdays are rare in my neighborhood.
but on the way home from dropping off mr. traybella we saw a SALE sign.
i thought to myself : a) it's left over from the week end or b) it might be a good sale.
so glad we stopped!

i didn't find a ton of things, but enough to make it worth the stop.  and the prices were really good.
a wood plate, XXL bottle opener that i thought were kind of cool.
the old pencil sharpener i will sell in my booth next month.  it will fit in perfectly with the back to school theme we'll have going.

this large wood architectural piece is really cool. 
it may or may not make it to my booth because...

i think it looks great above this picture in my entry.
love this picture that i found last week at a sale for $10...score!

also found this super cool, super long {71"} wood ruler.  not sure what it's original purpose was, but it is super long, and super cool. 

and i also got this old bench. 
a fresh coat of paint and a coffee bag cover and it'll
wind up in my booth for sale. 

sure glad we got up early today...or i would have missed this good stuff!


Janice Selby said...

There is nothing like a great sale of goodies. You got great stuff.

Janice In Missouri

Just wanted to say Hi

9405018--Pat said...

cant believe there was a sale on Tuesday...you did good....how about this heat!!!!Take Pat H

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