16 July 2010

i am drooling...have you seen this?!

it is happy hour as i post this 'news' tonight. 
and no i am not out having had one too many gin and tonics and drooling all over myself.
i am though
drooling over this...

i was so sad when they stopped publishing country home magazine.  it has been one of my all time favorites. 
i squealed when i saw it on the stands at the market today.
i can not wait to get the children in bed tonight and sink into my double pillow top high thread count sheets with this new issue!!
the editors say " we couldn't be more excited to bring back the country home title!  watch for the next issue of the publication on your newsstands in September, when we will be all about warm interiors and seasonal decorating".
i can hardly wait! 


Creative Ambitions said...

Hi Kathi! THIS is good news about Country Home! How exciting! Hope you enjoyed it....

Thanks for stopping by! Always nice to meet fellow bloggers!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!!!!! I didn't know. I could have cried when the stopped publishing. Home Companion was my other all time favorite. You just made my day. Running out in a bit to pick one up. Thanks for the info. Gretchen

Anne Marie said...

shut up! yeah!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Great news ! I sure wish Southern accents would come back , I miss it the most.

frugal farmhouse design said...

What a great surprise - I had no idea. Thanks for sharing the news. This is one of my favorite mags. I still have some of my favorite past issues. YEAH! Lori

A Perfect Gray said...

yes! so awesome to have this back!
Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my framed silverware. I find myself saying exactly the same thing: "it's art" when folks ask about the crazy stuff around my house, especially the dress forms!

Looking forward to seeing you here!


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