19 July 2010

playroom redo

i have been in a bit of a funk lately.
usually i am always rearranging furniture, painting, redoing a mantel.
i think, just maybe, i am finally happy with the way my home feels...for now anyway.

so last week i was downstairs playing with the boys and got the urge. 
the urge to purge.
one thing led to another and next thing you know the entire playroom was
turned upside down and moved all around.

first we sorted through all the baskets and bins into three areas.  keep, donate and trash.  the last of the baby toys were packed into a 'save for future' box.  does anyone else do that?  i just can't part with some of my favorite wood toys and have to save them for, hopefully someday, grandchildren.

labeling clear tubs makes it easy for everyone to see what's inside.

the boys still really love doing art.  so an art area in our playroom is always a must.  they can sit for hours drawing and creating.   they also really enjoy creating with the recycled pieces that i throw in this area: paper towel tubes, egg cartons, empty cereal box, etc.

though the rest of my entire house is decorated in white, cream and browns i must say that i love all this color in the playroom.  as it should be since this is the boys area. 

love this old truck that i found at a neighbors garage sale. 

i laugh when the boys ask me "is that a telephone?  why does it have curly cord on it?" 

we created some space to display all the lego spaceships that get built.  at times it is difficult to decide what toys to keep.  with a four year span between the boys they both play with such different things.  but usually C just wants to do what his older brother M is doing and now that's building lego spaceships.

so now we are condensed into one play area instead of two.  it makes me sad to pack some things up, donate and even throw away some of the toys that get broken.  i think i have watched toy story too many times! 

but as the boys grow, so does the playroom.
we now have a space for a music area.

M is taking electric guitar lessons and his teacher now comes to our house.  so having this extra space to practice and have lessons works out perfect.

even C wanted his small piano and cheap guitar in this area.  because when M is practicing, so is C.  i love having music in our house...rock on!

the music area still needs something on the walls.  in time i will find something that works.
if you have some ideas, please send them my way!

better get this posted, i hear the boys waking and well, we've got some playing to do.

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What an adorable playroom!
Lucky boys!!
Nice to meet you!

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