03 November 2010

count down

update:  for those of you jumping up and down wanting a set of these for yourself...you can order them from here: http://shop.tuesdaymorning.com/dsp_productDetail.asp?ssid=1&pid=7634

some of you might be counting the days down until christmas.  but this post isn't about that, i am still wearing flip flops and can't quite wrap my head around the thought of getting ready for christmas.  some of you know that i am a sheet snob.  as in i love my high thread count sheets.  and if you have them, you know exactly what i am talking about here.

 i was so excited the day i brought home my 1000 thread count set.  but i didn't love them.  they were a bit scratchy even and hot.  so i am on the count down....back to 600's.  and i am loving this set i bought a few months ago with the pretty detail on the edges. 

if you have a tuesday morning in your area, it's the best place to get high thread count sheets.  king size is usually just at 100 bucks. 

i'm linking up to white wednesday over at faded charm.  there are tons of great looking links over there today.  think i'll crawl into my high thread count sheets tonight and review most of them.  could be a late night!


Rebecca said...

Where did you find new sheets that looked so much like old ones-love the details on them!!!

cityfarmer said...

it happens to be a Wednesday, but I'm headed out for a Tuesday !!!!!

snuggle up and enjoy fall

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Those are Beautiful.... Have a Wonderful Week ~

kathi @ traybella said...

i found these lovely sheets at my local Tuesday Morning.

cindy-stitches-n-stuff.blogspot.com said...

You must be the twin sister I've always known I had, but don't live with. I feel exactly like you. I have never seen such beautiful cuff though. Please, did you get those at TJ Max?

come visit

kathi @ traybella said...

you can order the sheets from Tuesday Morning online:


Tammy said...

Ahh! I love high thread count too! Must check out my neighborhood TM this week! Love those sheets!
A new follower!
Tammy :-)

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