11 November 2010

focus? i can't relate

for the life of me if i don't have 10 irons in the fire...

things just don't feel right.

i am such a starter not a finisher (oh eventually i finish...just takes me awhile sometimes).

so this week, week of a million things going on....should be focusing on this huge sale for saturday... i get a whim to rearrange my entry.   what ??? 

i have actually been thinking about moving the massive clock from the basement to the entry.  so i did.  just like that.  right in the middle of my crazy week.  right in the middle of a project i was working on.

 i have had a long mirror in the entry for EVER, so when i put the clock there i liked it but didnt' love it.

i missed the sparkle and reflection of the mirror. 

so a light bulb went off.  i remembered that i had a round mirror in my booth that had not sold.  went and got it, put it behind the clock and now i LOVE it! 

i mean what are the chances that mirror would actually be the right size?  love when things happen like that. 

i'm on the hunt now for some kind of a small lamp for the entry table.  i removed two tall buffet lamps and now am missing the light.  one project leads to another.  it's no wonder i can't focus.

oh, and just so you know that i DO in fact eventually finish a project here is a photo of my complete painted living room. 

and after viewing this room in these photos, i can't say that i love it.  probably come spring, i'll be painting it cream again. 
sheesh...no wonder i can't focus...my mind just doesn't stop.

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