23 November 2010

ever so thankful

{photo: country living}

i have been a little bit MIA lately....so busy with so many things. 

but wanted to take a minute and let all my readers know that i am truly thankful for YOU!

still so surprised that so many of you come back here, to my wee blog, to see what i have to say {or of late, nothing to say because i can't seem to manage all 10 irons in the fire}.

happy thanksgiving to all you!  may you enjoy time with family and friends...and eat dessert first!


Crystal said...

I have been MIA also, life does get busy at times. I like the name of your blog, it still fits you. I am a very eclectic poster myself.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Happy Thanksgiving from California my dear. Will you be with the H side or your side of the family for Thanksgiving?

9405018--Pat said...

I also have been busy...Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thangiving! Pat H

cityfarmer said...

I'm still eating dessert ... tehe

miss u as always

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