10 November 2010

in the kitchen

yes, it is 4pm and i just made myself a vanilla latte.

it's been a long 9 days.  you see,  the heat element in my latte machine crapped out.

mind you, i am up to 4 shots of espresso in my morning latte.

i tried my french press.
i tried really strong brewed coffee.
heck, i even tried drinking coffee all day long.

but nothing compared to my morning addiction.

today the doorbell rang.  when i heard the sound of the big brown truck driving away, i knew exactly what was waiting on my front step.

aaahhh.  i love this machine a latte!  if you are in the market for a dual latte and brewed coffee machine i would highly recommend this one.  the reviews, for some reason, aren't great on it.  but i have no bad comments to make about it. {i am not being paid, or compensated in any way by putting this post out today} so stop screaming and thinking that you might be getting a new mack daddy coffee maker.  i wish i had one to give away to one of my awesome readers...but not today.  anywho, DeLonghi rules in our house. 

my heating element did go out in my last one.  but i had that thing for two years and used it everyday.  that is approximately 730 lattes!  wow...just realized what a deal this machine is.  730 lattes at a coffee shop would have cost me approximately $2,920....on lattes for two years!  makes spending the $97 (+ $20 rebate) on this new machine look like a huge bargain. 

and because i am linking up to white wednesday over at faded charm here is some more white...in my kitchen:

 these small white bowls are a staple in my kitchen.  i love when i discover one at a garage sale or thrift store.  we use them for everything.  i would like to have stacks of them.

 i am also working on a stack of white platters. 

i just love white dishes.  oh, that's obvious?  well i guess it is.  so simple, so pretty and they go with any table scape you create for any time of the year. 

big big show this saturday if you're in the kansas city area.  the cure of ars gift gallery is taking place.  the past two nights i have been up until the wee hours getting everything tagged and packed up.  i always freak that i won't have enough merchandise.  i have more than enough...wow!  fun stuff....vintage, just old, chippy, silver, sparkly, and a last batch of trays {more on that later}. 

perfect timing on the latte machine today.  looks like i'll need it to get all my work done.

i am such a procrastinator!!  are you?  leave me a comment.  i'll be posting photos of my space at the show...eventually.


Ellie B said...

Looking forward to your show on Saturday - I'm bringing my Christmas list!! Will you have lattes??

9405018--Pat said...

I will try to be there..thanks for sharing...Pat H

Heather said...

I used to have a Delonghi, but when it broke the second time, we traded up for a Breville and never looked back.

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