17 December 2010

come sunday

 all of these empty platters will be filled with lovely cookies.
my annual {4th year...wow!} cookie party is sunday and it is one of my all time favorite parties to throw.

and falling under the 'use what you have' category i bring you this lovely chandelier.
the base is a side of a crib from the 1800's.  it's all rusty and perfect.  i added some greenery, snowflakes, shiny ornaments and drippy crystals and hung it up above my table.  it looks so beautiful i think i want to keep it up all year.  or, at least start looking for a proper chandelier.

but for sunday's party...it will be perfect.  photos of the party on monday.  cheers!  to the week end.


Polly said...

Sounds like a fun party! COOKIES!! I always set up all my plates and platters the day before so I'm not running around looking for things at the last minute! Looks like you do this too!

Love that evergreen chandelier you have created!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Have a wonderful time on Sunday. I love your beautiful and creative chandelier.

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