20 December 2010

cookie party 2010

 i am still on a high from yesterdays cookie party.
no, not a sugar high. 
a high from what fab friends i have.
smart, creative, funny and beautiful my friends are the best.

 look at all these lovely cookies.
and oh the smell!  chocolate, and sugar goodness my house smelled oh so yummy.

 it is so fun to see all the different cookies.  i so wish i could have tasted every one of them.
but i hate to workout so i did not.

 thanks to all my wonderful friends who spent hours searching for just the right recipe.  baking and decorating such beautiful cookies.

 how super cute are these mice?!

and it wasn't all about the cookies....

 cheese, fruit and some yummy sweets....

and drinks to keep the chatter going.

i am sure that when my friends arrived back home their assorted cookie trays were devoured by loved ones.  i love that my party is in the late afternoon....so that all the kiddos can have dessert first when mom brings home the cookie tray!

cheers!  to good friends, good cookies and a good Christmas season!

** all extra cookies were again donated to the Forum Assisted Living.  they loved seeing me walk in with a box of cookies for the 4th year!  my cup runneth over.


9405018--Pat said...

Looks like fun! Merry Christmas...Pat H

Polly said...

Looks like sooooo much fun!!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Everything looks yummy. I love that your shared them with the Assisted Living group too :-)
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Marci said...

Beautiful cookies and a beautiful display! I bet the folks at the assisted living facility loved them too. Thanks for sharing your creativity. ;)

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