06 December 2010

teacher gifts

i have a fabric fetish.
and now, i have a fabric flower fetish.

wool and felt make these beauties stand out the best.  search for wool scarfs at thrift stores and you'll get two or three flowers out of each one.  a great way to use up fabric scraps too.

 these were so quick and simple to make.  i made 10 in about an hour and half.  they have a pin on the back.  adorable pinned to a hat, jacket, sweater, or even a ribbon around your neck {choker style}.  these will be our teacher gifts this year.

they came together so quickly that i'll also have some for sale at my booth this weekend.

the quote on the bottom says: "more than anything, i must have flowers always always". ~Claude Monet

i found the tutorial to make these here.

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cityfarmer said...

you're making me crazy here ... I want one of each!

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