31 December 2010

farmhouse friday

{farmhouse friday: drool worthy houses that i fall in love with}

it's cold outside so we're going inside for farmhouse friday today.

i am partial to old, cozy, bead board ceilings in farmhouses.

but i could sooo see myself in a kitchen like this. 

be still my heart.  isn't this just so beautiful?!

the only thing i would change is that entire oven surround. 
 i'd make it out of stone just to add more texture to the room.

  i am for sure putting this photo in my dream file!

enjoying time with the boys this week.  i'll be back here after the week end.
happy new year!

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cityfarmer said...

just opened a good red and was thinking of you and me and our friendship.

happy new year to one of my favorite girls.

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