11 February 2009

fun find

it was a beautiful day on saturday...might have even hit 70 degrees. i had some errands to run down in the village and really just wished that it was a spring saturday with lots of garage sales. but i knew sales would be few because it is after all... february. a few blocks from my house i saw it....a SALE sign! i was so happy. even happier when i found a bingo game. we had family game night friday night and i was wishing we had just a simple bingo game. there it was....along with boxes of dominoes, scrabble letters, chess and checker pieces. i had a smile on my face and my soul was happy. odd what spending a buck will do for you on a february day. oh yes, all of my finds were just $1.00 oh, happy day! ;)


heather said...

saw the sign for this sale but didn't have time to stop. darn! love how the bookshelf turned out and very fun treats for valentine's day. thanks for all your comments.

Jessica said...

oh my goodness. i googled mudrooms, and just now found your blog.

i adore it. i've looked at everything on this page, and i'm fixing to head to adding yours to look at later!

have a blessed evening.

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