13 February 2009

how sweet it is

i signed up for treats for my son's valentine party at school. i am taking strawberry and cheese cube kabobs. kids love food on sticks and i thought something healthy was a good idea. but since it is a party afterall, i also wanted something fun, pretty and sweet.

i found this FUN COOKIE SUCKER recipe here. wrapped up in a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon these turned out adorable! they were so easy to make and really didn't take any longer than making and icing cupcakes. my son loved how they turned out and is excited to see if his classmates think they are getting a sucker instead of a cookie. i also heard him in the living room tell his dad "i have the coolest mom ever!" and this morning when he saw all 25 of them (21 classmates + a few extras) on a tray he said "wow, you baked 72 corn muffins for boy scouts this week, and now 25 cookie suckers, you are the best mom ever!" now that is SWEET!

1 comment:

Joanne Kennedy said...

How sweet! It's always nice to know the kids appreciate all your hard work. Just think of the memories you are making for him.

You are a good mommy!


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