26 February 2009

a thing for letters and words

the other day my post was about numbers. today it is about letters and words. i love all kinds of typography. if you do, you will want to visit this fun site i recently found. so on with photos of things around my home that have letters or words.....
a recent find at good juju was this linen pillow cover. the colors are perfect and i just love all those letters on it.

this card reminds me of a bingo card, only with alphabets instead of numbers. oh, and no free space. it is eye candy in my studio, or sometimes makes it way into a august arrangement on my entry table. signaling the start of the school year.

the letter H. was found gold and quickly spray painted black. it lives on the wall in my master bedroom, above some pictures i found at a flea market and had framed.

the letter M. in my son's room. i love monograms and more often than not, if you have a decorating dilemma, this just might be what your space needs. try it!

ahhhh...words. as in 'use your manners please'. i have posted these pillows before, but think they are worthy of making it into this 'words post'. subliminal, yet effective.

ooops...here is another letter H. simply written on a chalkboard in my kitchen.

three lovely words, 'home sweet home'. i made this with scrapbook paper and those small luggage tags (that i am also addicted too!) a random pretty frame i had tucked in the basement and it becomes a piece of art.

the word 'cafe' in my kitchen. i am not sure why i love this word. maybe because i ran a cafe when i lived overseas, or maybe because {some days} i have a desire to run one again. or maybe because it is a short word and it fit this space?! ;)

scrabble letters are always a fun find at a yard sale. i use them for all kinds of things. this phrase 'wash hands' sits quietly in the boys/guest bathroom. instead of a hand towel in this bathroom i love having a stack of 12 wash cloths. you can pick these up on the cheap at target for around $3/12. it does make for a bit more laundry but the benefits are worth it. everyone gets a dry towel and less germs are passed around. after a party, there is always one person that comes up to me and says 'loved the idea of the individual hand towels, i felt like i was at a fancy hotel or restaurant'.

this a-z sign was found at a garage sale just at the time my oldest was learning his abc's. it is in his room, in that small space above the closet. now that my youngest son is learning his abc's i suppose it is due for a new location.
that is it for the letter/word tour. if you have a favorite word or typography around your house i would love to hear about it. leave me a comment!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the scrabble tiles in the bathroom! That's such a fun idea! Do your kids play with them? Mine totally would! I also like the Home Sweet Home artwork. I might have to try and make a version of that! Your home is beautiful.
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