24 February 2009

a thing for numbers

two, five, three..... 9, 4, 21.... it does not matter what the number, or the order. i have a thing for numbers. i am not even sure when it started. i pick them up at flea markets and garage sales. or, if something is plain, i will add a number myself. as i looked around the house the other day, i noticed that i have quite the {collection} going. in no particular order... see for yourself.

the number 2. picked up at a consignment shop lays quietly on my desk. her original purpose was a house number. i wonder if she was alone on a house, or in a group? her purpose now, a paperweight.

the number 459. joins numbers 458 and 457 in our mudroom. each locker has one of these old swim baskets to corral the smalls.

numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4. march down the front of an old dresser. originally intended for my son's room so that i could tell him that his socks were in drawer #2, shorts are in drawer #3. decided that i liked it better in the living room for a bit of whimsy. *easy project with a stencil and some paints!

the number 5. why? why not! plain white plant pot gets a simple face lift. *another easy project with ceramic paints, or a sharpie marker!

numbers 1 - 12. the face of a clock. i think circles are pleasing to the eye and i think that is why i am so drawn to clocks. this little one sits on my bedside table. it is rarely wound because i can not sleep with the tick, tick, tick sound. it also finds a temporary home in january on my dining room table as part of the centerpiece.

roman numbers. another clock, again round. this one currently resides above a mantle, but also gets moved around. i really liked this one when i bought it, but am growing tired of the red. {it is actually for sale for $75. interested? send me an email and i can tell you more about it}.

numbers 1 - 12 repeated again in a round clock. maybe i have a thing for clocks too?! this was a wedding gift {14 years ago}. the frame was pine and has since been painted black and distressed. it is large and i love it.

number 4 and 6. as in happy hour 4-6. this little frame sets on my kitchen window sill. 4-6 is actually the witching hour around here. kids are starting to get hungry, sometimes cranky and dinner needs to be thought of and prepared. this little reminder helps me to think positive during these hours. and yes, sometimes i take it literally and pop a cork off a bottle of red wine.

dollars and cents. these little cardboard price tags i found at a sale. not sure what i will do with them but one day it will hit me. they are currently eye candy in my studio.

a mix of numbers. old bingo cards make me weak in the knees. i have no idea what it is about them, but i can not get enough of them. these came from a dear friend {thanks lauri}.

numbers 1 - 28 and sometimes through 31. a huge framed calendar that i made because i am such a visual person. each month the magnetic numbers get moved around to their appropriate day of the week. strips of paper are used to add the happenings of our days. a real piece of {useful} art in my mudroom.

number 6 and 9. a framed vintage race car poster in my son's room. i love the large graphic, the numbers, letters and colors in his room.

another framed poster in my son's room.
that wraps it up. hope you enjoyed the tour of numbers.
tomorrow?? a thing for letters/words!


Oliver's said...

That dresser is so cute! I may have to do this for my daughters room, and mine, and my sons and ......

Jessica said...

me again. . .

i googled vintage race car room and yours came up. . .

this post!

you need to post more pics of your son's room.

i'm thinking i may do this "theme" in my younger son's room!

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