07 April 2009

tis the season

for the flu! ugh! what a yucky weekend, thank goodness it's over and hopefully that is our only flu experience for a long time. i have been meaning to update my blog for awhile (where does the time go?!) but got busy busy with a project and then hit with the flu. sorry if you are a daily lurker and had nothing new to look at here. i am going to get better at posting more often...fingers crossed. ;)

so.... tis the season....FOR GARDENING!
for three years i have been wanting to make raised vegetable gardens in our backyard. with picky eaters, i thought it would maybe help them with their vegetable intake if they had a hand in the process.

in a sunny part of our yard we started the building. i had some helpers but after just a few smacks of using the hammer they were done. then they decided that a snack in the garden would be good. i hope they are as excited for snaking in the garden once we get some vegetables growing!

it took the better part of the entire day to get these two beds made. chicken wire around the exterior of the beds to keep those pesky rabbits out. a rusty gate i had stored in the attic for this project will be the door to our garden. these will be organic beds, so i could not use grass killer to kill the grass in the beds (and i was too lazy to dig it out). instead, i layered cardboard and then newspaper and then filled them with dirt. the truck load of dirt i had delivered to the end of my driveway was a three day workout for me. not much dirt fits into a wheelbarrow...back and forth, back and forth. wow, was i hurting for a few days (a good kind of hurt!)

our garden project is getting closer to being done. i still need to set the posts that will hold the gate and find something to hang the gate with. i need to mix in some organic soil and then i think we will be ready to plant. well....that is once snow and freezing temps get out of our forecast! stay tuned throughout the season and watch our garden grow.

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