10 June 2009

facelift : : zebra style

country, contemporary, mission, french country ...... are all styles of decorating. but why is there no zebra style category? i love, love, love animal print. you may remember my post about my new favorite zebra upholstered wing chairs that sit beautifully in my living room. i had left over fabric and have had this face lift project on radar for awhile.
a new coat of cream paint, new foam, and all dressed up in a jazzy zebra fabric. *heavy sigh* but how many zebra chairs does a girl really need? my intent for this chair was to give her a face lift and add her to my inventory for the 'big june sale'. i am not sure if i can part with it. i hate when this happens. i think she turned out beautiful!

this is a before photo. and i thought when i recovered her way back when that 'this' was my favorite. but that zebra....oh. my. goodness. i have such a weakness for it.
in all of her beautifulness i am putting her in the sale. it was meant to be if she doesn't sell and i will find a space for her. oh, and the ever so cute burlap coffee bean bolster pillow? love it too, but it is also destined for the sale. i always create in my own style and in the color pallet that matches my home. really i just create what i like and every now and then it becomes an occupational hazard. meaning every now and then i really want to keep it for myself.
back to the studio, i have more things to wrap up for the big sale!


2redsmom said...

love the chair, love the pillow, love the desk organizer. I see major decisions for me to make on Friday!

2redsmom said...

Love the chair and covet the pillow. Can't wait to see all the creative treasures on Friday. Hopefully we don't see any raindrops!!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

What a great do over!

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